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Corbus is an acronym of core business and business law. Our passion is law, in particular business law, and our approach is pragmatic and based on achieving solutions.

Our objective is clear: find solutions which really do strengthen your company or organisation. It is a process where we always start out by looking at things from your perspective. We enjoy investing in long-term relationships so that we can be sure what your real priorities are.
Corbus aims at being the number one reference in its local market, as reliable legal partner for the entrepreneur and the enterprising institution.

It goes without saying that our various legal departments, including property law, and labour law, can also handle the legal issues of those outside the business world in economic terms.

Our services range from legal advice to settling disputes, all in clear and comprehensive language. It is where Corbus can make a difference for you.

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Business law Antwerp

Business law

Corporate law is our CORe BUSiness. As enterprising lawyers, we enjoy offering you our thoughts, so that we can quickly find you a positive outcome. This allows you to focus on your business, with no extra concerns.

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international: in and beyond Europe

Are you looking for legal advice for activities outside Belgium, or do you have a dispute abroad? Thanks to our extensive experience, we have built up good personal relationships with many mid-sized law firms both in Europe and beyond. For example, Corbus is the Belgian partner in “e-iure”, a network of business-orientated law firms spread over Europe, the USA, South America, Asia and Australia. Partners in this network collaborate actively and share each other’s expertise, thereby ensuring that they are also able to offer excellent international services.


On 20 December 2020, an amendment was implemented into the Belgian Companies and Associations Code (hereinafter “BCAC”) in order to provide for the possibility to conduct an electronic (remote) general meeting, both in companies and in (international) non-profit organisations, even when the articles of association of such company or organisation...
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Dit verbod kan evenwel worden gerechtvaardigd door het doel de volksgezondheid te beschermen, maar mag niet verder gaan dan nodig is om dit doel te bereiken Het Europese Hof van Justitie komt in een belangrijk arrest tot de conclusie dat een rechtmatig geproduceerd Cannabidiol (CBD) extract niet als een “verdovend...
In zijn arrest van 28 mei 2020 oordeelt het Grondwettelijk Hof dat de verjaringstermijn van één jaar voorzien in artikel 28 van de Handelshuurwet van toepassing is op alle rechtsvorderingen tot betaling van de vergoeding wegens uitzetting, ongeacht of zij resulteren uit een weigering tot huurhernieuwing door de verhuurder, dan...
  Het auteursrecht is een van de belangrijkste vormen van intellectuele eigendom. Het beschermt een brede waaier aan creatieve uitingen, gaande van literatuur en beeldende kunst tot databanken en computercode. Daarenboven vereist het auteursrecht, in tegenstelling tot veel andere intellectuele rechten, geen voorafgaande formaliteiten, zoals een registratie. Dit maakt dat...
Corbus is the Belgian member of the world-wide lawyer network E-IURE.Other members include Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, the USA, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru etc.Partners in this network actively collaborate and share each other’s expertise, thereby ensuring that they are also able to offer excellent international services to...
Het gebeurt vaak dat een minderheidsaandeelhouder zich zorgen maakt over de richting die zijn vennootschap uitgaat, of over één of meerdere beslissingen die worden doorgevoerd. In deze blog gaan we nader in op de mogelijkheden die je hebt als minderheidsaandeelhouder om toch uw rechten een stem te geven. We brengen...
The ranges in the clothing market are vast and the competition is strong. Assortments from different suppliers and retailers sometimes show remarkable similarities. The fashion sector is one of the biggest victims of counterfeiting in the non-digital market. Fortunately, clothing designs are more than once susceptible to intellectual property protection,...


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