Environmental Law

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The increasing focus on environmental protection means that national and European legislation is constantly changing and becoming more complex. We follow these changes closely, enabling us to provide you with up-to-date practical advice. Furthermore, we are happy to assist you in your consultations with the competent environmental and urban planning departments and authorities, and, if necessary, conduct the required procedures before the administrative appeal bodies and courts.

You can contact us for the following disciplines:

  • Applications for environmental permits to build, change functions, subdivide and/or operate nuisance facilities
  • Zoning plans (zoning structure and implementation plans, policy plans, BPAs, regional plans)
  • Plan damage compensation and plan benefit levies in the event of a zoning change
  • Administrative appeal procedures (Deputation and Flemish Government) and procedures before the Council for Permit Disputes and State Council in cassation concerning environmental permits
  • Waste law (including permits for disposal, recovery, levies, international transport of waste EVOA);
  • Soil decontamination legislation and earthmoving
  • Nature legislation
  • Expropriations
  • Criminal and administrative enforcement of environmental permit offenses.