Focus on solutions

Business law is our COReBUSiness. As enterprising lawyers, we enjoy offering you our thoughts, so that we can quickly find you a positive outcome. This allows you to focus on your business, with no extra concerns.

Pragmatic and specialised advice

A lot of time and energy is often lost in addressing problems, creating a negative spiral that sometimes seems difficult to break out of. Corbus prefers to focus on practical solutions rather than inflexible positions or problems. Our pragmatic and specialised advice is always provided quickly so that we can help you get out of a deadlock or leave problems behind as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

Every aspect of business law

Your organisation has to deal with business law on a daily basis. This might include the set-up and structure of your company, agreements you make with fellow shareholders, your distribution network, contracts with customers or suppliers, etc.  Business law also plays an essential role in partnerships, joint ventures, takeover processes, financing, restructuring or bankruptcy situations.

Not just in Belgium

If you are carrying out business or trying to solve a problem in markets outside Belgium, you can rely on our direct and ready access to international markets and expertise, thanks to our global network of contacts.

What services can we offer you?

Business law

  • Company registration, all administrative formalities (flat fee)
  • Acquisitions, participations
  • New collaborations, joint ventures, shareholder agreements
  • Corporate governance
  • Contractual support for corporate finance
  • Restructurings (mergers, demergers, sale of business unit, downsizing, amicable settlement with creditors, Continuity of Enterprises Act (WCO”), etc.)
  • Disputes between shareholders or directors
  • Directors’ liability


  • Bankruptcy (declaration, relationships with curator, banks, creditors, liability claims etc.)
  • Continuity of Enterprises Act (‘WCO’: initiating and following up on procedures, negotiations with creditors, governments and banks, detailing recovery plans)
  • Deficit liquidation

Commercial and economic law

  • Distribution of products or services (concession, agency or commission agreements, franchising etc.)
  • Other commercial contracts (general purchase or sales agreements, production agreements, consultancy or service agreements, outsourcing etc.)
  • Financial contracts (leasing, renting, lending, corporate finance, collateral, guarantees, letters of comfort etc.)
  • Market practices