Corbus offers specialized legal assistance to maximize the value of your real estate. Whether assisting with the purchase and sale of real estate, advising on apartment legislation or leasing real estate, at Corbus we offer the advice you need. Corbus has been assisting several major real estate brokerage networks, reputable construction companies and property developers for many years, and thus has all the necessary real estate expertise.

Our real estate law services:

  • Purchase and sale of real estate
  • Co-ownership of real estate: apartment right, indivisibles, time-sharing
  • Rental of real estate: common rental law, residential rental, commercial rental, lease, real estate leasing, installment plans
  • Usufruct, building rights, leasehold constructions, easements, demarcation
  • Project development
  • Public liability litigation
  • Collateral securities
  • Construction and architectural contracts and construction disputes
  • Disputes regarding levies for vacancy and neglect.