Employment law

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A company’s “human capital” is becoming increasingly important. A conflict with an employee or employee representatives can thoroughly disrupt the proper functioning of a company. Balancing the protection of the employee with the employer’s ability to conduct its economic activities with the necessary flexibility is essential. We advice both employers and employees at the pre-contractual stage, during employment and at the termination of the employment relationship.

Our services in the area of employment law:

  • Individual labor law: drafting of specific clauses (non-competition clause, exclusivity clause, training clause, etc.), termination of employment contracts, guidance in the event of dismissal for urgent reasons, (international) bonus plans but also multiple employment (salary split, etc.).
  • Collective labor law: the correct support in the complex practice of social consultation in the context of a collective dismissal or the closure of a (part of the) company. But we also offer (proactive) support in collective bargaining negotiations, union negotiations, a dispute within the Works Council or a restructuring.
  • Social security law and social inspection: we advise our clients regarding disputes with the National Social Security Office, the National Employment Office or other public institutions, if necessary, with additional support from a criminal law specialist.
  • International employment: working with foreign workers or employing workers abroad often raises a variety of issues. Both in terms of individual labor law and in terms of the social security situation. This requires a thorough guidance ensuring employees abroad takinge up their duties and responsibilities without worries, or that foreign employees here in Belgium – whether in the context of a multiple employment or not – can develop their activities correctly.