Corbus at e-iure convention in Costa Rica


Corbus is the Belgian member of the world-wide lawyer network E-IURE.
Other members include Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, the USA, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru etc.
Partners in this network actively collaborate and share each other’s expertise, thereby ensuring that they are also able to offer excellent international services to their clients.

Corbus is committed to being an active member of the network and to take part in its organisation and activities.
As such, this season Corbus attended the 35th international convention in Costa Rica.

The convention made for a great opportunity to further expand our firm’s international horizon and to discuss various current legal and business topics.
Costa Rica also proved itself to be a great and beautiful country for both business and leisure, giving us plenty of opportunities to enjoy its marvelous climate and nature whilst socialising with our international colleagues.

We would like to express our gratitude once more to our host for organising this season’s spectacular and fruitful convention.