Employment and social security

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For employers and employees

Individual labour law governs the employment relationship between employers and employees, while collective labour law governs the relationship between employee representative bodies and employers. Whether you are looking for advice or procedural information in either area, Corbus can help you.

Individual employment

Striking a balance between protecting workers on the one hand, and the requirements of the employer to develop its economic activities flexibly on the other hand, are essential. We can provide both employers and employees with advice in the pre-contractual phase, during employment and at the termination of employment.

Collective labour law

Business organization, joint committees, collective labour agreements, trade union freedom etc.; just some of the aspects of collective labour law where Corbus would be happy to offer you support. As with other branches of law, consideration must also be given to international labour law and international law, which play a strong regulatory role.

What services can we offer you?

Corbus can deal with different aspects of labour and social security law for you:

  • Qualification of cooperation between parties
  • Auditing employment contracts, independent collaboration contracts and management agreements
  • Drafting of labour regulations and industry collective labour agreements
  • Individual dismissals, e.g. those for compelling reasons
  • Authorised secondment posting, temporary employment and placement
  • International employment
  • Organisation of social elections
  • The process leading up to and implementation of restructuring and/or acquisitions of businesses
  • Disputes with social law institutions
  • Disputes with social law institutions
  • Occupational injuries and illnesses