Mediation: a proper alternative to resolving disputes

Litigation is not always the best option for you or your organisation. Mediation focuses on restoring communication and safeguarding the relationship, whether it be commercial or otherwise. It differs in that decision rests with the parties themselves, because mediation is based on voluntary and confidential talks under the supervision of an impartial mediator. When mediating, Corbus always strives to achieve quick and lasting solutions.

Mediation is useful for a wide variety of disputes: tensions between shareholders (who might hold shares in family companies), tensions between joint venture partners, conflicts in a property or construction project or long-term commercial relationships (customer/supplier, distribution) etc.

The mediator or conciliator helps the parties reach a fair agreement that respects the needs of all involved, the result of one or more confidential meetings.

An agreement reached through mediation can be ratified and is then as binding as a court judgment. During mediation, the term of limitation is also suspended.