Intellectual property and media law

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Protection does not have to be expensive or complicated

The value of many companies lies in their intellectual property, in other words their intangible assets. Despite this, many Belgian businesspeople worry about applying for a patent or trademark protection because they think that the protection of intellectual property is complicated or expensive. Corbus will be more than happy to help you safeguard the economic value of your business name, logo, product, slogan etc.

Targeted advice tailored to your questions

In the countries bordering Belgium, there are significantly more demands for the protection of copyright, trademarks, designs, patents, know-how about products and services etc. Unfortunately, these issues are sometimes neglected in Belgium. Would you like to know about the options available for your business? Please contact Corbus for advice.

What services can we offer you?

  • Advice on the different intellectual property rights
  • Undertake the necessary steps to protect you
  • Agreements on intellectual property rights
  • Procedures for breaches of your intellectual property rights
  • Questions about the use of music in films or at events
  • Advice on IT intellectual property rights as well as advice when developing new software, hardware, websites or mobile applications